Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday is the new Thursday

I'm doing laundry. And procrastinating by watching this new OkGo video repeatedly.

I'm also interweb stalking Anna Dello Russo. I kind of want to be her for Halloween next year. Or maybe when I grow up. Her blog includes such lovely things as little stars that explode when you move the cursor across it. It also has a section "Quotes"...which is informing me that...."Gold is the new black". I completely concur. Also for some reason there is a sort of Christmas pudding with a mouse springing forth from the center. Oh...and sexy Christmas Betty Boops. Wow. I'm fascinated.

Also take note that she is wearing the new H&M Lanvin collection in the photo. I'm planning on stalking H&M come November 20 in order to procure something delightful.

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