Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music Part Deux

Wowza. This video is my new favorite. It involves beautiful landscapes, an Iroc Z, and some crazy references to popular musical celebrities. (By the way I just goggled Fan Death...and apparently in South Korea people mistakenly believe that if you leave a fan running all night in a room...you will die.)

Music Musick Musix

Oh my gosh. I'm in a California mood this week. Listening to two really good albums full of fun sounds that make me want to take a road trip and end up on the beach with Lindsay Lohan. And both of these albums are very much au courant. They reference the nineties and delicious poppy punk rock! Let's all go back to school with a little teenage bubbly bounce in our step. The first one is Best Coast...Crazy for You. The second one is Wavves...King of the Beach. Notice I only want to listen to albums that reference the ocean. Of course, I want an endless summer! Don't we all?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ok. Let's just get this over with...let me admit that I read the NY Times Vows column religiously every week. I actually try to check on Friday just because I can't wait to read it. I've obviously lost my mind. I'm obsessed with other people's love stories. I can't get enough of them. In some ways this is quite possibly destroying any of my future love stories, cause in the back of mind I'm going to be thinking...what would our love story sound like as a Vows column? Is it wonderfully endearing? Is it short and sweet? Is it tumultuous and full of angst ridden moments when we could not decide what on earth was going on? Is it...god forbid...sickening for other people to read? All I know is I am totally writing my own mock Vows Column when I get married. And you should go read this week's column. It is soooo cute. Like beyond the moon cute. I love that she is afraid of mailing things. I can totally relate. I have a fear of checking voicemail that is tortuous.

Photo from NY Times by Robert Stolarik

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is pretty sweet

You can use this site to recycle your old unwanted electronics. And you can even get some cold hard cash for them. AWESOME! Go get rid of that Macbook from 2001. Or your old cell phone. Or that digital camera that you don't like.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


"If girls can resolve tensions with their friends, she believes, they will be positioned one day to ask for promotions and raises, and to be treated respectfully by those they love. In effect, they can become leaders of their own lives." This article is awesome. I love this idea of teaching middle school girls how to reconnect with their own voice. Magical.

Photo from Audrey Hepburn Complex

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh Look....

I want to go to this. It sounds like a dream. I always wanted to wear puffed sleeves like Anne of Green Gables. And wander around pretending it was the early 20th century. But of course I would also like indoor plumbing. I think this event is close to what I've been dreaming of. Also I love to dance. What could be more fun? Imagine the incredible drawings and paintings you could do here too. I have to go next year.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Colonoscopies and Cantaloupe

Yeah. I know. You are like dude...did you have to just write those words together?

Why yes. I did have to. And no I am not having a colonoscopy anytime soon.

I did, however, eat some cantaloupe today. And in the process of attempting to mindfully eat it at my table with no distractions (no television, music, or reading material) I almost sort of choked on a piece. Let's not even attempt to analyze the fact that I was supposed to be paying attention to my food and ended up inhaling it in a frenzy that rivaled David's Bridal during the annual wedding dress sale. That's a whole other story.

But while almost choking at my quiet table I also realized that no one was there to help me. I could have choked and no one would even know. And for the second time this week I had a sort of epiphany involving my realization that people choose to marry or live together not just for the obvious reasons of love and desire....but also out of the need to have someone next to them in case they choke on their cantaloupe. Or say drive them to and from their colonoscopy. Or help them get dressed after having minor surgery done. Or pick them up at the airport at midnight. Perhaps a life partner is not what I thought it was, a haze of love struck fantasy, a once in a lifetime chance, a fated union, a tour de force of passion. Maybe a loving union is more about mundane stuff that you cannot do alone. And maybe I need to start considering eating my cantaloupe in the presence of another person.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Status #2

Georgia peaches
Insane sexy bodies (innocence isn't forever)

The killer is right there

I went to your house
but didn't think anyone was home
so I fell asleep

Love is our weapon of choice
This is my favorite thing
ever from television

I see your eyes every time I close mine
Does it get better then this?

Monday, August 2, 2010


This is the best wedding related thing I have ever seen. I love it. I happen to be on a weird wedding related kick lately. I love Say Yes to the Dress. I found this video on one of my favorite blogs A Cup Of Jo. Go visit and check out all the cool stuff on her blog.