Thursday, July 29, 2010

Status #1

The flame of true love will finally gutter and die according to my students.
My calculator is an antique and it is time for some benadryl.

It's also a Roxette kind of day and I love Coyote Ugly.

When does MY summer start?

The flight to Detroit got rained out until tomorrow.
She could steal
She could not rob.

We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table.
Now let's try to get 5,000 friends in common.


This article aptly sums up my experience at the mall yesterday. I went with a friend and we attempted to dig around in Forever 21. Neither of us is 21. We had the most fun in the accessories area. I was completely overwhelmed and frantic yet also convinced that at any moment I would find treasure. It was scary. I also observed that everyone else in the store had a similar expression. Glazed and confused yet slightly high looking. Oh man. This is why I don't go to the mall. It leaves me feeling hyper and exhausted. Too many shiny colorful things leaves me feeling completely ridiculous. And I have to touch everything. I take forever. Is that why it's called "Forever" 21? Hmmm....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Photos from Slides

These photos are so cool. They are from the Library of Congress. They are color photos made from the 1940's.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Robyn! Yay!

My awesome friend Adam....who has an awesome blog called Mr. Reck's Dance Party...posted this simply delightful video by Robyn. It's ridiculously gorgeous. And the song is soooo good. It will instantly make you feel like this world is full of happy things and sunshine and beautifully hip Swedish stuff. The Swedes are so spot on with pop music.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photos and Design

This is a really awesome book made by my friends Jen Furda and Chris Larson. Chris does awesome photography and Jen makes beautiful invitations. And the best part is they will be getting married a year from now! YAY! So go check out their work. Jen's invitations are available here and Chris has a facebook page.


This video is soooo intoxicating. Happy Monday. Go light some fires.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Most of the Gaga generation, however, is interested in distraction as an end in itself."

Great article. I particularly like that Nicki Minaj is getting props. She is pretty incredible and deserves some attention in this GaGa year. Also...I will probably always love Beyonce. And I do dream of distractions upon distractions. Who doesn't in this oil spill/neverending war/post McMansion world?

Friday, July 23, 2010

“It’s as if punk had been reinvented for women,” he said, smiling.

I've always had a soft spot for southern rap and hip-hop. In fact, it's one of my favorite genres. Maybe this is due to the fact that when I entered college in the fall of 1998 it was blowing up. Therefore some of my favorite artists and albums where from the south...and they were rapping. Ludacris. Juvenile. Outkast. Mystikal. They are all pretty awesome in my book. I still heart them with an passion that does not quite seem right for a white girl from Jersey. But I can't help it. They make me want to shake my proverbial...bootie. And oh boy so does this. Apparently Sissy Bounce is the rage right now. And apparently it's all about the ladies feeling safe to flaunt their...booties. The men are literally shoved to the sidelines. I love this. I also love that of course this safe bootie flaunting is happening because of the rich and wild musical culture of New Orleans. HOW FABULOUS! Anyway...I've got to get to a please someone who is cooler then me....please alert me when Big Freedia's in the house. I will be there. With my bootie.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I have done for money

In chronological order of my life experience thus far:

-Lost baby teeth
-Had birthdays
-Had my first Holy Communion
-Swept floor at mom's place of work
-Entered addresses into database
-Placed address labels on postcards from database
-Greeted people at retail establishment and offered them a free sample
-Apron straightener/jar duster/All clad salesgirl
-Ice Cream girl
-Cleaned professor's house
-Dog/house sitter
-More baby sitting
-Camp Counselor
-Camp art teacher
-Public school art teacher
-Cashier/stocker/sales girl....again
-More dog/cat/house sitting
-Cocktail waitress

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I hate the Iphone 4G Facetime know what I'm talking about...the ones where two cute in love people chat with each other using the phone's video feature...face time. Yeah. Those. I find them incredibly annoying. As if only people with these sweet, syrupy, lovey, dovey, relationships would be using this feature. Ummm...hello...I can think of a ton of other uses for this video chat thingie. And none of them are very sweet...ahem...well...let's keep this PG. But I can also think of situations in which this feature could go horribly awry.

For instance...just saying...we have all experienced the drunk texting phenomenon. Imagine what one of these drunk texts could turn into if they where video chats. HORROR and REGRET, that's what it would turn into. Also lets add some SHAME to that mix. Which would mean I would have to use the video chat thing to call up my therapist and discuss these feelings while driving to McDonald's for a coke and french fries.

I do think, however,this feature would be way fun if I could video chat with say...Verizon...cause then I could really show them hell hath no fury like a woman shuffled through numerous departments and countries in order to track down why exactly she was overcharged for her cellphone bill. But I guess I can't do that until they get the Iphone.

Other times this feature would be fun:

when I'm at Target and I want my best friend to see all the crap I've placed in the cart when I just went in for shampoo,

showing my mom that I actually vacuumed when we are having a passive aggressive discussion about money/my weight/my dating situation,

on snow days...enough said,

and finally I would most enjoy this feature when I am busy looking for items I've notoriously lost or misplaced.

Imagine if you will, friends and family, how much fun it would be if I was able to have you assist me in searching for things...for instance where I parked my car. I would simply call you up and hold you up so you could look around with me. Like they say...two sets of eyes are better then one.

Steve Jobs, could you make a commercial that speaks to me...a young, flaky, neurotic, unsentimental single woman? For god sakes, I'm going to have to buy my houseplant an Iphone so we can video chat from the bedroom to the kitchen. It can call me up and show me via video that I have forgotten to water it for the past two weeks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here's lots of manly statistics!

Thank god someone thought to compile this information. It is so entertaining and enlightening. Apparently I need to be more loyal then intelligent. Also I will be losing my looks at the age of 40 and the United States is it's own worst enemy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Best thing I have read in a long time

This article is a wonderful piece of humor. Enjoy it.

Things that are making my day

THIS has been watched several times today. I just can't get enough.

This shirt also makes me giggle.

Ohhh.....and Mel Gibson's wikipedia page is blowing up. That makes me laugh too.

And then there is this tree. That smells like...well...just go read it.

And speaking of plants...virtual plants that is...we can all breathe a sigh of relief to know that this is now available.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Girl with the...

This op-ed piece written by Nicholas D. Kristof is important to read. I myself have read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and enjoyed it, although it is hard to read at certain points due to the physical and emotional abuse that it illustrates. This op-ed piece is hard to read as well because it shows that we are still capable of ignoring crimes that are committed against young, poor, women.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Ice Cream Month

So July is ice cream month. This is totally why I might have inadvertently eaten ice cream for dinner last night. I was obviously celebrating. And here is an awesome post from Neatorama about weird and wonderful ice cream concoctions. I want to try the lobster ice cream. Cause I love lobster and I love butter and I love ice cream.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy crap...

I am fascinated to learn that you can now buy cheap, trendy, teenage maternity wear. Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse? What's next? Is Delia's going to roll out a line of mommy and me outfits?

HOWL Reinvented for us

This is so beautiful. Poignant and profound. I love you McSweeney.

Things I've Considered

Marrying for money
Donating my eggs
Getting a sugar daddy
Making spoof videos of Danielle Staub
Becoming a make-up artist
Being the White Queen for Halloween this year
Going without deodorant
Developing an app that explains the fine line between bad art and good art
A couch

No bootleg pants, which should be burned anyway.

This is an excellent article about men and pants and the correct method for rolling them up.

Photograph by Elizabeth Lippman for the New York Times.

Friday, July 9, 2010

“The rich are different: they are more ruthless,”

This is super interesting. I particularly like that the wealthy do not feel guilty about not paying. While the middle class feel the need to keep paying. I know that the wealthiest do not need to worry as much about long term damage to their assets and their financial history, but it is scary to think that having money suddenly cancels out any sort of ethics. You signed up for the "investment"' and now you get to bail because you have better things to do with your money. Like hold on to it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is real good. And go to Jeff Scher's website to experience more awesome stop animation.

Original painting from L’eau Life, 2007. Copyright Jeff Scher

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zeitgeist Summer 2010

So...I've been blaming my new found love of all things 90's on the fact that I have now hit the age where you suddenly lose your mind and become convinced that the music of your adolescence is a thing of beatific glory. I remember being in my early twenties and looking at some of my older friends listening to Bon Jovi with a reverence that I believed would be best reserved for actual works of art, not pop music that sounded god-awful to me.

And just today...rolling down the highway...with my windows down...I discovered the Sirius station Lithium...yeah you heard that the battery in your iphone...or the drug that helps ease bipolar disorder...or the Nirvana song. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Lithium it's a purveyor of "90's grunge and alternative rock". Basically everything I listened to in 8th grade. I never really thought I would have the urge to revisit that time in my life. It involved a lot of self-esteem issues and a definite need for some actual lithium.

But today...I was in heaven listening to "Brimful of Asha" by Cornershop. Yeah. All you thirty somethings remember this song. It made no sense. "Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow"? Like what..excuse me? None of that mattered today though. Because I LOVED IT. I felt like I was 14 again...only with great skin and the ability to go wherever I want and eat ice cream for dinner and then maybe have a beer. In the words of Real Housewife of NJ, Teresa Giudice: FABULOUS! So anyway...the point of this post is actually to expose you to the following fabulousness:


Yes. You read that right. Yanni of 90's PBS glory. The guy that wore the puffy pirate shirt. The guy that your mom might have enjoyed listening to in the car when she was alone. And bear with me here....Beck has added something to this....something remarkably appropriate to this post and super 90's....nonsensical lyrics. Don't question me. Just follow the link. Go now! The summer is fleeting. Catch this 90's fever before it's all gone.


I'm a big fan of the Photobooth on my mac. This article explains why it's so important to understand the art of the self-portrait in our digital age.

From Oil to Love

This is pretty funny. Or full of pathos. Depending on the way you look at it. I was discussing this very topic the other day with several friends...and's true. Ugh.

Oil spill on my mind

I hate to bring everyone down, but weirdness is ensuing down in the Gulf. So I'm directing you to go investigate. Go read this. And scream in terror at the photo to the right. That's a wave. In the Gulf. TERRIFYING.

Photo from here.