Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nut Cracker

Holiday time is upon us. I'm already thinking about how wonderfully chill Thanksgiving Day can be. It is hands down my favorite of the winter holidays. I love hanging out with my undercover hip parents, my loving/cantankerous brother and my brother's fiance (who always brings really good pie). We usually end up yelling and laughing about some sort of ridiculous memory together. Being loud is an integral part of the experience. Fighting to be heard is a family tradition that goes way back.

As the holiday madness reminds me of all the holidays that have come before. And one of the most influential aspects of those Christmas Pasts...has got to be the ballet The Nutcracker. It was my favorite/earliest theater experience. I wanted to be Clara. So much so...that I totally got myself a flannel nightgown...Lanz of Salzburg...just so I could twirl around my room and pretend to be Clara. I also begged for a Nutcracker. I spotted one at Macy's and threw a tantrum of need that has never been seen before or since. Then like a good Catholic girl...I proceeded to spend the next four weeks leading up to Christmas devoutly praying to Jesus that I would receive said Nutcracker as a present. And can I tell you that upon finding it tucked in my stocking on Christmas faith in Catholicism shot up a good 110 percent. I tried this trick again in 6th grade to procure the favor of the cutest boy in school and it failed to deliver. Apparently Jesus only grants wishes for toys...not middle school crushes. Hmmm....
Anyway, in the spirit of the season go read this lovely article about my favorite Christmasy event...the classic American Nutcracker Ballet.

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