Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

In honor of Friday...a very danceable day if you ask me...this post is all about movement. Did you know that how you dance announces to the world your particular personality? I guess those of you who don't dance in front of others are not into sharing that information with the public. But for all of you who get down on a regular home or out and this article. It's really interesting. I think I'm the extroverted one. I like to flail my arms around and bang my head up and down. Cause I'm willing to make a fool of myself in order for the rest of you to feel like it's also okay to make a fool of yourself. And if you happen to join in...all the better. We all need to bring the party. Especially on a Friday.

So go dance around in your cubicle/classroom/bedroom/sidewalk/playground/basement/ or wherever you end up on this beautiful day.
Also...this video will get you in the mood if you feel like you'd rather spend the day comatose.

Photographs from Jordan Matters. His series Dancer's Among Us is beautifully fun. Go get some inspiration for how you want to dance through your day.

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