Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Fifth Day of The New Year

So I think I spent the day doing things "wrong". I also think it might have been on purpose. It's five days into a new year and I'm already itching to do the "wrong" thing. Here is a list of wrong things I might have done today:
1. Bought coffee instead of making it at home (that's me trying to save money...ha!)
2. Maybe I didn't really attack that pile of grading...
3. I sort of left my class room a bit untidy. Whoops.
4. I ate pizza instead of going to spin class.
5. There are so many dishes in the sink. So many. 

I'm sure I did a few other wrong things today I'll continue to be wrong and lie to you and act like I didn't do some other wrong things. But maybe it's good to get this all out of the way this week...instead of like in February. I'm pretty sure by February I will have forgotten about the pizza. The grading will get done tomorrow. And the coffee...well...I can try again in the morning. No one died. I'm still totally fine. I'm going to chalk today up to the Gods and Goddesses of the New Year. May they have mercy on me. I did manage to swing by the creche in front of the Catholic church and steal some straw from Baby Jesus for my wallet. I do this every year. Cause I'm a paranoid Eastern European cultural Catholic. It's good luck to stash that on your person for the rest of the year. My grandmother would be proud. Tomorrow is the Feast of the Epiphany. I will be putting away my Christmas tree. And considering the merits of Carnival season starting. I think that means it's totally okay to eat doughnuts.'s the time of year to just be WRONG. Enjoy The Adoration of the Kings by Jan Gossaert.

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